Behind the scenes at a winery


On March 10, 2017, I retired from my position as an IT Director at Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide is a wonderful place to work, the people are awesome, the work is challenging and it’s located in the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio. I had been working in technical and leadership IT positions at large corporations for most of my career. The companies where I have worked include Firestone (which became Bridgestone/Firestone), SAIC and finally Nationwide. But it was time for me to take a big step and make a change.

My husband and I started a vineyard in 2006 and opened our winery in 2012. From 2012 on, we’ve been able to run the winery with Pete working full time and me working part time. Late in 2016, it become evident that we had to make a choice. If we wanted to continue the winery, I needed to go full time. So as of March 10, I retired from my career in the corporate world and here I am.

During my last week at work, I saw Brooke Ignet Hocker and commented on how much I enjoyed her informative Facebook posts and blog (not to mention her book and TED talk). She inspired me to post my first 30 days of retirement on Facebook. It sounded like fun, so I went with it. Each day that I wrote, I found that I actually enjoyed writing and my friends encouraged me to continue. Another¬†friend, Kris Close, had the idea to write a blog about what we do “behind the scenes” at the winery.

And so, it begins. My plan is to inform and educate in an informal, hopefully fun and personal style. Enjoy!