Getting Ready for Taste of Granville

This is our third year to participate in the Taste of Granville event at Bryn Du Mansion.   The event is hosted by the Granville Rotary Club and they use the proceeds to support many worthy projects.  Check out their website at if you’d like to learn more about the Rotary Club.

Preparing for the event starts much earlier than today.   For the 2017 event, the club contacted us and other prospective participants back in November 2016 to get commitments.  By March, decisions need to be made regarding the wines we will be offering, the cost for the wines and whether we need a volunteer to help us.

So why do they need to know the cost of the wines.  Aren’t we just donating the wine? That would be great; but it is also illegal.  The State of Ohio requires us to charge for wine even if it’s to a charitable organization. Many organizations have asked us to donate wine for different events but we just aren’t able to do it.  The Granville Rotary Club sets it up so that we can participate including having the required liquor permit for the event.   And they ask if we need a volunteer because we can’t legally pour the wine for the tasting either.

It’s time for me to get all the wine in cases, gather the tablecloths and business cards, etc. for our table.  I hope the rain finishes up this afternoon.  The event starts at 5 pm with doors opening at 4 pm for VIP ticket holders.  We’ll be in the Field House, so we won’t get wet.   But the event is across three buildings and the Food Trucks are outside, so they get a lot more people attending when it’s nice out!  If you plan to attend, please stop by and say hello!


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