Grapevine Flowers

Did you know that grapevines have flowers? Just like other types of fruit, grapes start as flowers.  All of our vines are currently in the flowering stage and it’s really exciting to see so many flowers out in the vineyard right now.

The picture is of a Niagara flower.  The flowers need to be pollinated to produce the grapes.  Pollination of grapevines is done by the wind, not by bees.  Most of the vines can pollinate within the varietal (varietals are they type of grape).  However, there are some that require other varieties for pollination.   St. Pepin is one variety that needs to be close to another variety for pollination.  Ours are between the St. Pepin and the St. Croix.  Some, like Brianna, can self pollinate, but can benefit from surrounding varietals.

It will be a week or two and we’ll see grapes in place of the flowers.  Can’t wait!!