Introducing our New Website!!!

We’re a small winery, so we do as much as we can ourselves and that includes web design and publishing.  A few years ago, I heard there was new website development software that could change your site based on whether the user was on a desktop PC, a laptop, cell phone, etc.   Our Three Oaks Vineyard website didn’t do that.  It got really small when you tried to see it on your cell phone.  So back in 2014, I purchased some software to upgrade our site.  What I didn’t have was the time available to learn the new software.  Fast forward to 2017 and retirement.  Now I have time and now I need to get it done before we open.  Why?  Because once we open, I won’t have time.  🙂

Of course, you can imagine, the software from 2014 just wasn’t going to do it.  So… time to upgrade.  I really have grown to love Coffeecup software and I went with their Responsive Site Designer.  Compared to other software, it’s low cost and the support is awesome!  I can ask a question at midnight and have an answer in a short period of time, sometimes a few minutes.

Our new site is much cleaner!  The menu is the same, so anyone who has used the site in the past should be able to easily navigate.   The page I like the most is our event page.  I struggled with it using my old VSD software.  There just wasn’t a good way to show the events.  This new software provides a number of ways to set up the page and organize information.

Please check out our new Three Oaks Vineyard website soon.  And go to the events page as you may see some events you’d like to attend.  Hope to see you in the near future!!